Who am I?

Hi there! My name as you can gather is Casey! I go by CaseyQuesadilla on all my social media (even on my personal Facebook haha). As most blogs open with some kind of introduction post, I figured I’d do one here as well.

So I’ve been on social media for a long time, but just started to really promote myself this year. For those of you that have been here for this journey with me, you know that it took quite a long time to get to this point! Those of you that are just joining us, welcome! You’re now part of the cheesy fam! (I know, I face palmed too after I wrote it). I don’t want to bore you all with the same things I talk about in my videos, (except you know, the amazing campaign I started! #PennyForYourThoughts! Don’t worry, we’ll get to it!) I wanted to use this to help promote my writing! This is something I am so proud of, writing has always been a release for me for any kind of events I may be going through.

Moving on to the campaign! Its called #PennyForYourThoughts, this focuses on positive thinking.

Here is the description I wrote for it:

The goal with this campaign is to show people that we are our own worst critics! The negative thoughts we often have about ourselves seem like they’re so true, but that’s only because we are seeing our own flaws that we point out to ourselves. I want to show that when we meet new people and put ourselves out there, we often put the features we think are the best about us and love the most about ourselves forward. When this happens the impression, we make on those we interact with is very positive.

How to participate:

  • First off, you’ll need spare change, a few jars, and some index cards!
    • But Casey, what kind of change? We use money in everyday life!
    • This is very true, which is why I believe this is the best way for this campaign to work! However, one of the wonderful people that happens to be helping me out had the idea of we can use the change gathered to help save up for the festive holidays!
    • In the US we use quarters and dimes most often, for this campaign I believe we could use nickels and pennies! (As these are the lowest amount and are less likely to be used every day.)
  • Since there are so many countries and so many of the different countries have varying currency, I’ll try to include as many as I can at the end of the information for the campaign!

What to Do:

  • When you have your jars, what you’ll do is label one jar as ‘My Negative Thoughts’, another jar as ‘Positive Compliments I Received’, and the last jar will be ‘Positive Thoughts/Comments’. The index cards are for the positivity you receive while you’re participating in this campaign! This way even after the campaign is over, you can have that positivity with you.
    • In ‘My Negative Thoughts’ whenever you have a negative thought about yourself, you’ll put negative thoughts you’ve had about yourself. Please for the purpose of this campaign to be understood, it needs to be ONLY your negative thoughts.
    • In ‘Positive Compliments I Received’ ANY positive comments you receive whether it be online (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube…etc.), in person, or any other form (text, phone…etc.).
  • Finally, in the ‘Positive Thoughts/Comments’ (if you choose to) will be the positive thoughts and comments written out! This will enable you to keep these positive thoughts with you year-round and long after the campaign is over! **Again, this is ANY positive comment you receive! ** 
  • Why Participate?

Essentially, what this campaign will do is promote positivity. Positivity is something that doesn’t hurt us to promote, it puts a smile on some faces, and when you smile it boosts your mood. When we have people to spread positivity it catches on, one bad thought about ourselves is negated by the wonderful qualities about ourselves we unconsciously put forward to make the best impression on others.

  • A Little About the Creator!

I would never ask anyone to do something that makes them uncomfortable, I simply want to spread positivity and show people that we are our own worst critics. I’ve included a little bio of myself so you all can see why I’ve decided to start this campaign. If you have social media and want to share your story, I encourage you to; if you choose not to that’s fine. We’re all at different levels of comfortability with social media.

Hi everyone! My name is CaseyQuesadilla, this is a campaign I started simply because, more than anything I believe that positivity is something that should be wide spread! Since I was younger I had always been presented with negative comments about myself. Things like: “You apologize too much.”, “You’re too gullible!”, “You trust too easily.”, “You care about others too much.”, and the worst one I ever got “You eat too much/are fat.”

Mind you, these are all things I knew/know about myself and for a long time, I believed these were features that people saw when they first looked at me. I couldn’t understand why my parents, family, or friends would say how great I was.

From the constant put-downs I experienced from some family members, misguided children, and random people that I didn’t even know; I was ashamed. I never held my head up high, I never thought I was worthy of the kind words people would say to me or the compliments I received. It wasn’t until I got out of high school and maintained genuine friends that were around me for my personality that I realized; putting on a smile and putting a positive vibe into the area around you will influence the moods of those around you. Not only is it something I think works, I’ve seen it happen.

If you’d like to please join in on this campaign to help spread the positivity I know we all have inside us!

The answer to the anxiety inducing question that this post is named, “Who am I?”, I am CaseyQuesadilla. I have mental illnesses and I fight my issues with positive thinking, I love people, and care greatly for everybody!

***I hope this is a good first post! My other posts will mainly be drabbles, but this weekend I’ll definitely be posting on here as I’ll be gone for a mini vacation!***

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